Get Organized, Boost Production!

It’s simple, you thrive in environments that allow you to be efficient, productive and creative.

Lori Vande Krol,
Your Chief Productivity Partner

Maximize your work time.  Be more productive.  Make more money.  Have more time for what matters most in your life.  You can do it and we can help.

A Des Moines-based business and productivity consulting company, Life Made Simple takes a unique, stress-free approach to office productivity. Our productivity experts work with you to understand your goals and equip you with the tools needed to capture your vision.  We evaluate the work environment within your company and/or office including your current systems, processes and work habits to identify a specific path to productivity and success.

We are ready to confidentially assist you and your business with productivity improvement while working from your desk drawers, on your PC, or in the cloud.  Life Made Simple partners with intelligent, creative professionals who understand the value and importance of an environment that allows for optimal focus and production -- so you can get things done and enjoy life!  If this sounds like you, give us a call to learn more about a solution tailored to your specific needs.