Success Stories

"You've motivated me to take action as soon as I return to my office!"  "I am going to spend the weekend putting your tips into practice."  "Where did you find her?  This was great!"

Farrier Industry Association Annual Meeting & Conference Attendees, Baton Rouge, LA

"Thank you for your 8 hour office miracle! We accomplished even more than I expected and after 2 weeks, 3 people on my team commented how organized my office still is. Since your 8 Hour Miracle my desk is clutter free, papers all have a place to be filed, and my projects all are moving foward with next steps and deadlines! The new file indexing system has been working and I have even added some new project folders!!! My manager even comments how on top of things I seem. Lori, you are worth every penny. Thank you!"

Rhonda Bustad-Weber, Interstate All Battery Center, Des Moines, IA

"Lori -- I was feeling rather run down and crabby up until I called you and got everything arranged for our meeting.  Now I'm feeling a healthy dose of optimism here.  Just wish I'd have called sooner."

Judy Neal, Indianola, IA

"The timing of your email webinar was perfect. I felt like I was about to drown in emails and this was what I needed to focus on dealing with the emails right away instead of reading them and moving on to the next message.  After your email webinar, I worked for about an hour and cut my inbox in half. Using your File-Act-TossTM methodology, I cut my inbox from 1000 to well below 500 messages.  I also unsubscribed from things that were clogging my inbox, so I'm sure my email management will get easier going forward.  Thanks for the motivation!"

Alicia Emanuel, Clive, IA

"Thanks Lori! I always enjoy working with you. Thanks for not judging and helping me keep my life in order!"

Threase Harms, Windsor Heights, Iowa

"Don't even stew over it. Contact Life Made Simple now and let them organize your life for you. In this economy, you need to spend your time with your customers and clients, not looking for things in an unorganized environment. Life Made Simple makes sense and it makes life simple, efficient and effective. We made the right choice when we chose to get our materials sorted, organized and referenced. Come see us if you need to be sold on why."

Jeff Johnson, President, Iowa State University Alumni Association, Ames, Iowa

"Life Made Simple's systems are easy to use and really will simplify your life. They will help you decide what to keep, where to put it and how to find it. The stacks of boxes we ended up with when we moved to a new building are now on shelves, in order and easily accessible. Let Life Made Simple turn your before into happily ever after."

Diane Smith, Iowa State University Alumni Association, Ames, Iowa

"In just one visit, Lori's expertise and tools made a significant different in the out-of-control paper problem in our home. I highly recommend that anyone who is tired of piles of paper schedule a consultation!"

Louisa Dykstra, Des Moines, IA

"Lori - Thank you so much! You have been so absolutely amazing and patient through this whole process, handling hurdle after hurdle. I cannot begin to express our appreciation."

Kate Garner, Des Moines Radio Group, Des Moines, Iowa

"Lori, it was so great meeting with you. I already feel like there is so much possibility and light now. Before I just felt hopeless and lost. I can start over and be organized with your handy systems in place. Thank You!"

Kim Smith, Pleasant Hill, Iowa

" An awesome speaker! Her ideas and tips were communicated clearly and with confidence. Lori provided us with easy to implement solutions for organization and efficiency."

Joan Ellis, American Business Women's Association, Des Moines, Iowa

" Life Made Simple worked with us to create an overall plan and kept us focused along the way. They confidently guided us when we were overwhelmed or unclear about next steps. And we were amazed with what we accomplished in just the first few hours!"

Karie Gauze Hettinger, Urbandale, Iowa

"Lori was very reliable and easy to work with.  She was worth every penny we spent!"

Lon & Elaine Moffitt, Altoona, Iowa

"The time Lori spent with us really helped us to focus and we have made some amazing progress since then. We really appreciate her help and will be asking for more soon!"

Brooke Bobert, Dental Office Manager, West Des Moines, Iowa

" I was amazed at how small changes made such a big difference."

Keith, CPA, Des Moines, IA

" Lori’s presentation hit upon the very relevant topic of becoming more organized and how it can help your business. The ideas she presented were simple, yet effective ways to make the work environment less stressful, fun, and ultimately more productive. I would recommend her services to anyone or any business that is trying to achieve a higher standard of efficiency."

Brian Buethe, Grimes Chamber & Economic Development, Grimes, Iowa

"I feel like I am so much more organized and I get more things done in a shorter time period. I now know where everything is and I have an easy plan to place anything new that comes into my office. Thanks for making my life more SIMPLE!"

Dr. Steffany Mohan, Plaza Dental Group, West Des Moines, Iowa

"You have succeeded where all before you have failed. Before your seminar, no matter what method I tried, something always got missed.  Tonight I paid a bill that will arrive on-time for the first time ever.  I am truly a changed man, and it feels good.  MUCH EASIER with your systems and insights!!  A thousand Thank You's!"

Kurt Bingham, Metro Locksmith, Des Moines, Iowa

"I am so happy that I found Life Made Simple and would recommend them to anyone that is ready to make a change in their life."

Barb Byas, West Des Moines, Iowa