As we approach Halloween and the start of the holiday season, I thought I would use my favorite ghoul to help share some tips for being more organized and productive this season.

Gift List - It is never to early to start a list of possible gifts for your friends, family and co-workers.  As you are running errands or doing some online shopping, you may be able to pick up a few items and have much less to shop for as we get closer to the holidays.  If you use a PDA, keep your list here and you will have it with you wherever you go. 

Holiday Decorations - If you followed our advice from last year's newsletter, your holiday decorations are well organized after putting them away in organized, labeled bins.  This should make it much easier to decorate and alleviate unnecessary purchases because you can't find something or are not sure if you have enough of a particular item.  If your decorations are not yet well organized, take some time after the holidays this year to put your items away in bins and label by room or location (e.g. tree trimming, dining room, etc.)

Office Organization - The holiday season is a slower time of year for some businesses.  Take advantage of any extra time by decluttering and organizing your paper, electronic files and email.  Set up systems so that you can be more efficient and productive when the busier time returns.

Snow, snow, snow - If you have not gone through your family's winter outerwear, take some time to do this now.  Stores sell out of coats, boots, snow pants, etc early and you don't want to be left without.  As you find winter items that you or your children no longer need, collect them for donation to one of many charities looking for these items this time of year.

Time Off - If your place of work has a slow down this time of year, think about taking some extra time off for yourself, your home, your family or those in need.  This will help you to enjoy what is really important this holiday season.


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