Declutter Your Office Environment and Increase Productivity with the Productive Environment Day™ Contest 

December 26, 2013

Messy desks? Cluttered storeroom? Overflowing email? Out of control files? All are factors that contribute to millions of working Americans choosing “to get organized” as one of their top 5 resolutions for the New Year. A great way to motivate employees to get organized is to hold a Productive Environment (PE) Day™, a day set aside for a department or organization to create their ideal Productive Environment -- that in which employees are most creative, effective and productive. A successful PE Day™ involves four components:

1) Pre-Day Preparation: Prior to the PE Day™, it is imperative management prepare for success by being personally involved and by stressing the importance of blocking calendars.

2) Kick-Off Seminar: Start the day off right with activities or seminars, including tips for deciding what to keep and what to throw away and reminding employees about retention guidelines for the department or company.

3) On-Site Activities: Include activities to help participants remain focused, identify areas that need to be addressed, and make the day pleasant. Food and rewards are often popular.

4) Follow-Up Plan: In order to get the most benefit from this event, it is essential that management respond to concerns that uncovered during the process.

To assist with implementation of a successful PE Day™, Life Made Simple, LLC and Goodwill Industries of Central Iowa have partnered to offer the Productive Environment Day™ Contest. This contest is open to businesses and corporate teams in Dallas, Polk, or Warren County, Iowa with 35 or fewer employees who share the same office environment. The winner of the contest will receive a free Productive Environment Day™, held between February 10th and February 21st, 2014 and led by Lori Vande Krol, Certified Productive Environment Specialist and President of Life Made Simple. Goodwill will provide a truck for the day to load all unnecessary office supplies and equipment, as well as any personal items from home. In addition, the winning business or team will receive a package of valuable products and services from our sponsors: Proxymity, In the Bag Catering, Recycle Me Iowa, Document Destruction and Recycling Services and Capital Sanitary Supply.

The winner of the Productive Environment Day™ will learn specific techniques for eliminating clutter and discover the components of a system for finding what they need. Research shows that an employee spends an estimated 38 working hours each year looking for items in a disorganized office. This accounts to over $80 billion lost each year. On top of that, 80% of the paper and information kept by a company is never even accessed. The Productive Environment Day™ helps businesses save money by improving productivity and save time by focusing on improving the environment of the workplace.

To apply to win a free Productive Environment Day™, visit Completed applications must be received by midnight on January 17th to be considered.

About Lori Vande Krol, CPES, Life Made Simple, LLC

Life Made Simple was founded in 2005 by Lori Vande Krol, CPES, with the mission of helping businesses and individuals become more productive, allowing them time to focus on what matters most. Life Made Simple provides organization and productivity consultation and seminars, covering time and calendar management, paper and electronic file management and workflow management. The processes and systems Life Made Simple provides help to save clients hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars each year.

About Goodwill Industries of Central Iowa

Goodwill Industries of Central Iowa translates the good in the local community to programs and resources that change lives. Goodwill’s mission is to empower individuals and families with barriers to independence through training, education and employment. Profits from its retail stores, as well as donor contributions, fund Goodwill’s highly successful programs in workforce development. We help people find the tools to succeed at work and in life. In 2012, Goodwill Industries of Central Iowa served 2255 individuals and placed 262 into employment with businesses in central Iowa.

For More Information

For more information about the Productive Environment Day™ Contest, contact Lori Vande Krol, (515)360-8347, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or visit