the_paper_tiger_software_box_220_x_220 If office organization, time management, records management or document management is a challenge for you or your company, this product can make your life much easier. Difficulties with getting organized, filing and paper management can cause you or your employees to waste up to 150 hours per year! You’ll immediately spend less time shuffling paper and more time being productive. You can now get organized and practice better time management.

Here’s what The Paper Tiger can do for you:

  • Provide instant retrieval of what you need, when you need it using a powerful search engine which allows you to find files by keyword, category, location, action date or any combination of these criteria;
  • Eliminate duplication of information;
  • Assure fast reaction to audits or other legal actions;
  • Allow anyone to find information quickly, even if you are away from your office;
  • Reduce disruption from employee turnover;
  • Make you more responsive to your customers;
  • Provide easy maintenance of your files;
  • Streamline your office and lower your stress level.  

Once Paper Tiger is correctly set-up in your office, we guarantee you will be able to find anything in 5 seconds or less!



Paper Tiger Software

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