Orla is a simple-to-use, email management and workload organizing program for Microsoft Outlook that helps you to be much more effective and efficient in your daily work. The 4D toolbar, one-touch email handling system and daily planner replacement for an over-flowing Inbox make Orla really easy to use.

Orla works by providing a methodology for getting organized and a tool (Outlook software) which makes it easy to implement that methodology.

The Orla Methodology is driven by 3 simple principles:
  1. You can identify and capture the work contained in your emails using 4D triage (Ditch, Deal, Delegate or Decide).

  2. You can structure all your emails into 2 types of work items – work that is strictly fixed in time (calendar items) or work that is more flexible (tasks). Our Outlook software allows you to easily transition from the rolling to do list of your inbox to an organized “My Work” view showing all tasks and calendar items for a given period.

  3. Once emails are structured in this way it is small step to use the same “My Work” view to manage and capture all non-email related work. This allows you to move to a single electronic organizer that contains all of your work, supported by an Outlook tool, that makes it easy to apply the principles.

Taking less than 15 minutes to complete, the Orla Essentials Fast Track training will get you up and running in no time at all - saving you up to 2 hours each day!

Completely risk-free installation! Orla has no effect whatsoever on your emails and other Outlook data. Install and try Orla with confidence.

Pricing: Orla Express is just $29 per year.  Orla Enterprise is a one-time cost of $249.


Orla Express and Orla Enterprise 

Click on the Partner Site button to learn more, download a 30 day trial version of Orla Express, or to purchase the full download of Orla Express or Orla Enterprise.