Jakoter Health Organizer Contents

  •  Two business card holder pages
  • Important Information page
  • Family History page
  • Two sided Major Event page
  • Two sided Immunization page
  • 16 Appointment note pages
  • 16 questions/Answer pages
  • 16 note pages
  • 16 feel chart pages
  • Prescription/insurance card/emergency # page
  • Blank pages
  • Pocket tabbed folders include: Take Home Care Instructions, Referrals/Appointments, Questions/Answers, Notes, Feel Charts/Records, Blood Work, Test Results, Doctors Letters, Resource Folder, Bills & Receipts, Directions, 2 Blank For Personal Choice, Two sided tip sheet
75 Pages, 13 pocket pages, 2 business card holder pages and insert pages available for room to grow.

Jakoter Health Organizer

A uniquely-designed and durable three-ring binder that effectively sorts and organizes health conditions, allergies, diagnoses, personal health history and all your pertinant health information.



Medication Checklist Insert Sheet


Includes a master page for documenting medications, 16 pages for recording when medications are taken and a folder for important information.  



 Calendar Insert


Includes master page for quick yearly reference, 24 perpetual calendar pages to chart your health and wellness. Great for documenting weight loss, nutritional intake, headaches, symptoms, feelings, anything.