Studies show that executives spend an average of 1 hour per day or 6 weeks per year searching for lost information.  Additional time is wasted due to inefficient systems and tools.  Would you like to spend less time on these wasted efforts and more time doing what matters most?  Life Made Simple can help!

Life Made Simple offers unique tools, techniques and systems to help you manage your:

  • Space - We will help you organize the physical items in your office in a way that allows you to be more efficient in your space.  This can include consultation, design and hands-on assistance.
  • Information - Through the Productive Environment Program, which includes the 8 Hour Miracle, we offer proven systems to manage your paper and electronic information.
  • Time - We will work with you to better manage your day, including calendar management and project management.

fotolia_productive_environment_for_new_website Using our effective 5-step process, Life Made Simple will tailor our solutions to your specific needs.  Please use the menu at the right or above to learn more about our specific solutions.  Then, take a few minutes to complete our Productivity Scorecard for a FREE 30 minute productivity assessment with our expert.


Don't waste another minute -- Contact a productivity expert today to make a difference in your life!


From our clients...

"Don't even stew over it. Contact Life Made Simple now and let them organize your life for you. In this economy, you need to spend your time with your customers and clients, not looking for things in an unorganized environment. Life Made Simple makes sense and it makes life simple, efficient and effective. We made the right choice when we chose to get our materials sorted, organized and referenced. Come see us if you need to be sold on why."

Jeff Johnson, President, Iowa State University Alumni Association, Ames, Iowa