Life Made Simple offers one-on-one consulting to help you get organized, be more efficient and increase productivity so that you can focus your time and energy on what matters most.  We are passionate about helping you simplify your work and achieve your goals.  We start with an initial needs assessment where we ask you to complete the Productive Environment Scorecard.  We spend time with you reviewing your responses and working through the first three steps of our Productivity Process.

Based on this initial meeting, Life Made Simple will develop a plan for addressing your challenges and achieving your vision for a productive working environment.  We offer specialized consulting in the following areas:

  • Near Paperless Environments
  • Central and Individual Filing Systems
  • Electronic Document Management
  • Email Management
  • Time and Calendar management
  • Daily Workflow and Efficiency
  • Project Management and Focus
  • Other customized services to fit your specific needs  

Life Made Simple offers various levels of service for implementing agreed upon systems and tools, including the Office Miracle and the Productivity Quickstart.  We tailor our programs to work with your particular resources and needs.

We offer plans for working with you in person and onsite or virtually via phone or email. Contact your productivity partner today and be on your way to a more productive environment!

From our clients...

"Lori - Thank you! The research, information and expertise you have provided saved me volumes of time and effort. You were able to cut through the clutter for me so that I can focus on the important steps to move foward with my project and better serve my accounting clients. This is exactly what I needed and it was worth every penny."

Mary McCormack EA, Sage Small Business Services, LLC, Jefferson, MD