Research shows that 80% of what we keep we never use.  This 80% takes up valuable space and increases the time it takes to find the 20% that we DO use.  File and office declutter and maintenance is a key activity in moving a business to a productive environment.  This service can be part of a total office productivity solution or a stand-alone service.  A perfect opportunity to use this service is before a physical move, as you will see a reduction in moving costs and a faster return to "normal" at your new location.

The Office Clean-Out Day includes:

  • Scorecard analysis and presentation for department or office
  • Office walk-through and assessment
  • Complete organization and facilitation of your fun and successful day
  • Seminar presented to all employees at beginning of the day, including:
    • 10 Steps to an Effective Office Clean-Out Day
    • Department or office retention guidelines
  • Follow-Up to ensure you are able to Maintain your Success