The Office Miracle is a proven process for managing time, space and information.  The service, provided by a productivity expert, is designed to physically organize one individual in one office.  During our time together, you will learn the power of the Next Action Factor and DART system for handling each piece of information that comes into your office.  We will put in place the tools to ensure you are working in your optimal productive environment.

Often when people are overwhelmed with clutter and disorganization, they try to solve the problem by starting with the old piles.  But while they are tossing out the old stuff, new stuff – often more interesting or time-sensitive – continues to come in.  Research shows that 80% of what we keep we never use, so in reality, spending time organizing the old stuff can be a complete waste of time!  Therefore, we will first focus on your current information and build systems to handle everything coming in from that day forward.  We then tackle the "old stuff" by determining which information belongs in the new system and which should be thrown away or recycled. 

At the end of our time together, we guarantee:

  1. You will know what to do with every new piece of information coming into your office.
  2. You will have a gameplan for the information we did not convert on that first day.

From our clients...

"Thank you for your office miracle! We accomplished even more than I expected and after 2 weeks, 3 people on my team commented how organized my office still is. Since your Office Miracle my desk is clutter free, papers all have a place to be filed, and my projects all are moving foward with next steps and deadlines! The new file indexing system has been working and I have even added some new project folders!!! My manager even comments how on top of things I seem. Lori, you are worth every penny. Thank you!"

Rhonda Bustad-Weber, Interstate All Battery Center, Des Moines, IA