If you are aware of your need to improve the organization and productivity in your office but are unsure of where to begin, Life Made Simple’s Needs Assessment is for you.  We will begin by having you complete our Productivity Questionnaire which allows you to rank your challenges and gives us a way to prioritize your largest issues.  Life Made Simple will then spend time with you in your office environment working through the first three steps of our 5-step process.  Specifically, we will:

  1. Design Your Vision
  2. Address Your Obstacles
  3. Dedicate Your Resources

During this time, we will learn as much as possible about your daily challenges and your current systems.  We will also begin to offer tips and suggestions for addressing those challenges. 

After our time together, Life Made Simple will follow up with a written Productivity Plan.  The Plan will summarize our discussion and address the remaining two steps of our 5-step process:

  1. Select Your Tools
  2. Maintain Your Results

Our suggestions for the systems and tools needed to create your ideal productive environment will be defined.  At this time, we will also provide a proposal for having Life Made Simple work with you through Coaching, Implementation and options for Maintenance Programs.

Contact our productivity expert today to set up your Productive Environment Needs Assessment!

From our clients...

Lori, it was so great meeting with you. I already feel like there is so much possibility and light now. Before I just felt hopeless and lost. I can start over and be organized wtih your handy systems in place. Thank You!

Kim Smith, Pleasant Hill, Iowa