Cost of Disorganization Calculator

Life Made Simple's Productivity Solutions can Improve your Return on Investment by as much as 300%!!

The average business person wastes over 150 hours per year just looking for lost information! Return on Investment Calculation (adjust numbers to your specific case):

  • Average cost per hour (including benefits) for an employee's time = $25
  • Number of hours lost per year looking for information = 150 (this is just under 3 hours per week on average).
  • Cost this year when you cannot put your hand on information quickly $25*150=$3,750 for just ONE PERSON for just ONE YEAR.
  • Multiply cost per year times number of employees in your organization - if 5 people then the cost is $3,750 times 5 = $18,750 per year!

The total above does not include the cost of additional supplies and computer space due to disorganization, nor the opportunity cost of bad customer service due to lost information, slow response time to internal or external customer needs, or the frustration and stress of looking for lost information. All of these take a toll on the people in the organization and make your company operate at much less than it's potential.

Payback can be in as little as 120 days!

Paper clutter and lost productivity is a growing problem in business - having a better method of dealing with it and turning it into a valuable resource for your organization will give you a VERY QUICK RETURN ON YOUR INVESTMENT. Best of all, Life Made Simple's systems and solutions will give you this return on your investment for as long as you are in business, providing you an investment that keeps returning year after year!


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