The Planner Pad organizer helps balance everything you do - in your career, home and personal life. Unlike ordinary day planners, the Planner Pad organizer allows you to schedule and categorize daily activities by priority. The Planner Pad devotes a two-page spread for each week. You can see an entire weeks' worth of planning with one look.

Although The Planner Pad can be used many different ways, to fit your particular needs, it was developed so that each page works like a funnel, to set priorities, organize work flow, and plan meetings and personal activities.


1) The top section replaces long lists written on tablets. This is the "Project Warehouse" - a place where you can organize business and personal activities by category. The horizontal layout gives you maximum visibility. As you plan, it makes it easy to group like activities and see all that needs to be accomplished ... CATEGORIZE

2) The middle section is your daily activity plan. Select things that need attention from the top section. Assign specific days for action ... PRIORITIZE

3) The lower section is your "appointment book." Schedule people to see, meetings to attend, and personal activities. Schedule time for yourself to work on projects and to get things done ... SCHEDULE

With the Planner Pad system, you've funneled down all those tasks that were placing such a burden of stress on your life and broken them down into easily manageable tasks.

The Planner Pad comes in various sizes and offers additional accessories to customize your planner to your specific needs.

The Planner Pad specifically includes:

  • 53 Weeks of Planning
    See all your plans for the entire week on two pages. Helps you think in a logical order. Makes it easy to decide what deserves your attention. Funnels events from idea stage to point of action. A productive work flow is established. You work smarter. 106 pages.
  • Special Section
    Helps you capture goals, track results, and collect ideas.
  • Month Calendar Pages
    Monthly calendar and note page at the beginning of each month (dated Editions only).
  • Forward Planning Calendars
    Schedule a full year of important activity on two pages. You get the current year, plus two years ahead. Great for planning meetings, deadlines, special projects and vacation time. 6 pages.
  • Time Zone Map
    Helps you plan effective long distance calls and schedule your travel. 1 page.
  • Section for Important Phone Numbers
    Keeps your phone numbers "field ready." Gives you a quick reference to frequently called clients, friends and business places. Includes space for area codes and addresses, too. 4 pages.
  • See Holidays In Advance
    Three year special events calendar for the current year and two years forward. Shows National holidays plus important Christian and Jewish observances. 2 pages.
  • Handy Business Expense Record
    There's space to show your expenses each week. Makes it easy to relate expenses to the event causing it. Creates valid evidence for tax purposes or employer reimbursement. A permanent record for future reference.
  • Complete Step-By-Step Written Instructions
    Everything you need to know to start being organized. Shows easy-to-understand illustrated explanation of the "funnel effect." Presents suggestions for categorizing and how to color-code. Includes special technique to make sure you never lose a valuable idea.
  • Convenient Reorder Form
    This specially placed order form is bound inside your Planner Pad organizer to signal the time to reorder. It's easy to mail, phone or fax us.

Even with all this, the Planner Pad organizer is less than 3/4 of an inch thick.

The Planner Pad comes in various sizes and offers additional accessories to customize your planner to your specific needs.

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